Illustrations for the new spanish edition of Mary Louise Alcott's Little Women, published by Random House
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Cover illustration for David Cannadine's George V - The Unexpected King, published by Penguin

Illustrations for WW Stil

Maria Schneider's portrait for The New Republic

Lena Dunham's portrait for The New Republic

Cover illustrations for Margaret Kennedy's Constant Nymph and Ladies of Lyndon, published by Vintage

For Refinery29

For Wrap Magazine Issue 6 (available HERE)

For Coupe de Pouce

For Muze Magazine

For The New York Times

For Psykologi Magazine

For Image Magazine

For Keltainen Kaupunki/Yellow City

For Journalisti Magazine


For Voi Hyvin Magazine

For Sosiaalivakuutus Magazine

All work is (c) Riikka Sormunen